What makes brass pipe fittings the most reliable of all similar products?

Industrial applications involve lot of complex actions and one such complex action is application of brass pipe fittings. Basically, Brass fittings are of various kinds.

• Brass anchor fittings
• Brass gland fittings
• Brass sanitary parts
• Brass valve fittings
• Brass hose fittings
• Brass flare fittings
• Brass compression fittings
• Brass pipe fittings

Brass Pipe Fittings Components

These types of pipe fittings are made amid in various designs, dimensions and specifications to fulfill the client’s requirements. The handy fittings are used in commercial, residential and industrial buildings where two straight pipes are connected together Brass pipe fittings are chrome plated pipe fittings. Heavy caste material is used by manufacturers on brass fittings parts. These fittings have heavy cast brass. When brass pipe and iron fittings are used together then there will be a contact between to dissimilar metal which conducts an electrolytic decomposition of iron fittings. Many varieties of unions, combinations, couplings, reducers, tees and elbows are manufactured keeping in view of the contingency. Either chrome plated or nickel plated fixtures are used for a neat appearance. For plating to match fixtures, exposed brass pipe can be used.

The salient features of Brass pipe fittings are:

• Ultraviolet stability
• Low thermal and mechanical strain
• Dimensional accuracy
• Easy and fine fitting


The main attributes of Brass pipe fittings are:

• Different finishes, sizes and threads
• Resistance to corrosion
• High tensile strength
• Made using top quality brass

The threads of brass pipe fittings are: ISO Metric, BSPT, BSP, NPTF, and NPT. Bright natural, nickel, chrome plated are the finishes of brass pipe fittings.

The major applications are:
• Gas compression and distribution
• Automotive
• Industrial equipment
• Utilities/ power generation
• Marine
• Waste treatment
• Textile
• Refining
• Pulp/paper
• Petroleum
• Chemical processing

Brass pipe fittings include the natural finish pipe fittings too. The high quality natural finish fittings are:
• Pipe saddles and Brass copper stainless steel manifolds
• Adapters made of brass stainless steel, pipe couplings couplers
• Brass olives copper olives
• Air vents and caps
• Brass radiator keys
• Male brass extensions
• Back nuts brass lock nuts
• Brass bushes

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Stainless steel nuts, brass nuts hex nuts and conical and German type hex nuts are used in brass pipe fittings. For line connectors and mixers, compression nuts are used.

Stainless steel hex nipples, brass nipples are also used which may be reducing or equal type. Round reducers, brass extension pieces extensions, brass pipe nipples, stainless steel barrel nipples are the components.

As pipe fittings are chrome plated pipe fittings, they have reducing hex bushes, brass tees stainless steel tees and brass elbows stainless steel elbows

Brass pipe fittings are manufactured under the supervision of engineers with high experience. These pipe fittings are used to control, connect, or to adapt the water/liquid flow, air flow, gas flow across the plumbing fitting of brass. These pipe fittings are used bye construction and agriculture sector. They won’t get affected by minerals, heat, acids and soil.